btw soon(yea right) i’ll be posting some adopts that u can buy and help me get my first cosplay together: imma be Callie Ophee uwu

there’ll be a “custom” thingy were i’ll create u a character with ur details but that will probably be expensive…

Plz help me i’m short on money. More info and the real deal coming up later(very later) stay tuned~

xmillax asked:

wow (u r on fire tonight)

princessbrojohn answered:


You are my:
[] Acquaintance 
[] Friend
[] Stranger
[] Boyfriend/Girlfriend
[] Love Interest
[x] Best Friend
[] Enemy
[] Nemesis
[] Other

I think you’re:
[] Ugly
[] Ok
[xxxxx] Pretty
[xxxxx] Beautiful
[] Gorgeous
[] Sexy
[] Hot

We should:
[] Fight
[] Fuck
[] Kiss
[] Make love 
[] Text
[x] Watch films

[x] Like You
[] Hate You
[] Love You
[] Think you’re the best at doing the art thing

I secretly:
[] Hate You
[] Love You
[xxxxxxxxxxx] Like You
[] Dislike You
[] Think You’re …

Should you reblog this?
[xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] Yes
[] No

i wish i got as many asks as u~

i’d draw to every singe1


Maaaan, 10000, I can’t even…

Really, thanks everybody, I’m glad you enjoy what I do. I don’t care if you don’t buy my comics in the future, I love you anyway :P

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this giveaway. Thank marscarat for the idea, I’m not good at these things. Comic features also holasoyanabel and suscrofad.


- 3 first winners will get an A5 original watercolor, with one or two characters of choice. I’ll need your address to send them, if you’re not ok with this, we can talk another kind of prize.

- Other 2 winners will get a single character with some simple animation. You choose the character, I choose how to gif it.

Giveaway rules:

- I count likes and reblogs (don’t go spamming like crazy, I don’t want to annoy everyone out there :’D)

- As this is a followers thanking, you must be following me to get the prize.

- Askbox open so I can contact you, please!

I’ll let this run until May 31st, 23:59pm (GMT+2) (May will be a crazy month for me, that’s why I let so much time), then I’ll use a random generator to pick the winners. Good luck :>






PONPONPON(MANLYPON) || cover by Kanzentaicell



Yup, headcanon Dirk singing voice

GT: Strider
GT: Sing for me like one of your anime boys?

Headcanon: Dirk has an amazingly gorgeous singing voice and is pro at singing J-Pop songs. 

i seriously cant get enough of this song


Explore bedroom



You’ll find lots of small things, boxes, and other random stuff that she likes to keep. In the middle is her computer that is right next to her bed so she can turn around the screen to watch series. She also has a lot of drawings on her walls.

Captchalogue story idea notebook

imageThis is a very important notebook to her. Here she keeps track of all the stories that constantly fill her mind.

Captchalogue headphones


She also grabs her great headphones. Can’t go anywhere without music.

Continue your business


Before you interrupted her, she was drawing a character from one of these story ideas. She hopes that this one will make teenagers cry because apparently that’s how you get famous.



There. A flower.

Apparently teenagers also love putting flowers on their favorite characters heads so she went ahead and did it for them.

Strife specibus??


She can’t really choose which one to go with…

Sword? Scissors? Giant pencil? Real Knife? Keys? or drawing tablet?

Maybe You could help her?