After the last episode of Gravity falls and Dippers recovery and the marks the whole affair left afterwards

  • Dipper staying in bed or at least inside for a few days and not even thinking about the book and the mysteries
  • Mabel entertaining him with silly things that aren’t too silly because she knows he don’t got the strength to deal with it
  • Mabel looking over Dipper to be sure Bill doesn’t come and mess with him and that he’s ok
  • All the nightmares Dipper has and the fear that it might happen again any day
  • Mabel being awake because she can hear Dipper mumbling(crying) in his sleep
  • The concern and caring from everyone and a bit of mistrust they might feel





Neil Cicierega - Unused Gravity Falls Theme

Here is what could’ve been

Gravity Falls is on Disney now and it looks amazing. They asked me to send in theme music a year ago, I sent in a couple demos, and they didn’t end up going with mine. Oh well! Here’s one of them.

I still love this!

holy SNAP this is radddd 

I’m a bit scared of tomorrow because there’s gonna be this big party with lots of teens my age and up and they’re all gonna be drunk and I suspect some that there will be ppl that’ll try to drug you. And I don’t drink alcohol because I know what it does to you and last time I was at this kind of party they kept asking me to drink and I’m sure it’ll be worse tomorrow.
So I gotta be brave and strong. It’ll fun too probably